SEO Pricing

SEO Pricing

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Local SEO Pricing

Local SEO Pricing

With the explosion of Google Business Profile listings dominating search results for users that are looking for a local business, Local SEO is simply the hottest advertising funnel you can implement if you want to dominate Google for searches for local businesses. 

SEO for local business

Ranking in the Map Pack of Google Searches is how modern companies get new business.

Local SEO is best for:

  • Urgent Care Facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Contractors
  • Dentists
  • Real Estate
  • Mini Storage
  • General Practitioners
  • Insurance Agencies

When Google recognizes that a user’s intent is to find a local business, they will display a MAP of your area with the TOP THREE results.


Because these types of results are hyper-local… If you are sitting at your address and do the search, you will artificially rank higher.  Just because you rank from your address doesn’t mean that you rank all over your city!

Our Local SEO Pricing Includes:

  • Creation and Optimization of your Google Business Profile Listing
  • Full Citation Audit
  • Citation Cleanup (if necessary)
  • Creation of 40+ Primary Citations
  • Creation of 60+ Secondary Citations
  • Google Map Embeds
  • Google Directions Created and Sent to Indexing Service
  • 1 Press Release with GMB backlinks
  • Minimum of 3 Google Posts per Week
  • Local Authority Links
  • Tier 1 Website Backlinks
  • Claim Apple Maps
  • More Proprietary Tactics!

Our Local SEO Pricing is $900 per month for 9 months then $300 per month thereafter to maintain. 

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SEO Management Pricing

If you want to leverage our near two decades of experience to strategically create a customized Digital Marketing campaign, our Fully Managed SEO is for you, which comes with “project-based” pricing.

 For our Fully Managed clients, we take complete hands-on responsibility for your Digital Marketing, from strategy to implementation.  To get started with SEO Management, we first examine your business model and your existing elements and design a fool-proof plan for ROI.

What’s Included

 SEO Packages

If you have a basic understanding of SEO and are piecing things together on your own personal SEO project, you may be interested in our Individual SEO Services package options. We also offer month-to-month SEO packages, which are great for the business owner with a smaller budget. 

Our SEO pricing models let you get started with the best bang-for-the-buck options and can be easily dialed up as the ROI begins flowing.

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Our Pricing Strategy

In addition to Local SEO pricing for local businesses, One Click SEO has a unique way of pricing our SEO Services.  We offer SEO pricing in multiple varieties.

After years of taking weeks to customize every SEO quote for our clients, we have now created some SEO Packages that lay out exactly a set of actions that we will complete for a specific price.  This lets our clients choose the exact set of SEO products you need.

Learn More About SEO Packages >

Because many of our customers are still looking to have us create their SEO strategy as well as implement and be responsible for their overall ROI (return on investment). We call that Managed SEO

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In addition to our SEO Packages and our Managed SEO, we also do work on an hourly basis. 

  • SEO Strategist – $250/hour
  • Technical SEO and Web Development – $135/hour
  • Block Time – $400 for 4 hours that do not expire

If you would like to know more on the types of SEO pricing and to find out what to expect for a specific type of SEO service, click HERE.

How much should you expect to pay for SEO?  We have created a quick reference, based off of key data points that can provide some insight on how much your business should spend on SEO Services.

 Digital Marketing Budget Estimator

Digital Marketing Budget Estimator
Total Monthly Income
Web Business *
Expected percentage of your revenue from the Internet
Growth Expected *
How aggressive do you want to be?
Competition Level *
How competitive is your industry and market?
An educated guess, based off of best practices, on how much of your advertising spend should allocate monthly to Digital Marketing

Click the respective link if you are looking for information on websites or website pricing

Fully Managed SEO Pricing

We work with our Managed SEO clients to provide an Affordable SEO Package that delivers a solid return on investment (ROI). We learn your business goals and leverage our experience to provide the most cost-effective SEO Campaign possible.

Ranking your website for keywords that do not convert into sales is NOT what we do. Unlike many other SEO agencies, we look at all Digital Marketing Campaigns with a holistic approach.

Each custom campaign may apply Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, REmarketing, Content Marketing, PPC, Local SEO, or a variety of other advertising options to achieve your long term business goals in the most cost-effective manner possible.

We strive to build lasting relationships with our clients and we understand the only way to do that is to deliver to your bottom line. 

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Our SEO Management Includes

With our Fully Managed SEO services, we take hands-on responsibility for your Digital Marketing results.  As a full-service SEO agency, we not only create your SEO strategy, we fully implement all aspects – and measure the results. 

Although all you need do is sit back while we do the work, we always provide you access to our custom built Project Management System, which allows you to see every process that we have scheduled, and you even receive real-time notifications as we update and complete each task.

We understand the goal of SEO is ultimately to achieve an ROI (return on investment) on your Digital Marketing spend.  This stays at the top of our mind as we develop your SEO strategy. 

Although search engine optimization takes time, we structure the biggest “bang for the buck” at the onset, then we look for the best strategy to capitalize on generating your ROI as quickly as possible. 

Our Managed Search Engine Optimization Pricing is structured so that the price goes down once you start seeing results.

Although every SEO campaign is different, nearly all of them consist of creating and syndicating original content. 

In our Managed SEO, we identify and create the appropriate content, then post it to your website with full On-Page SEO. Content is then broadcast via our unique Social Syndication System, which may even include targeted Social Media Paid Advertising to drive traffic to each blog at no additional cost to you.

On-Page SEO can be a very technical endeavor involving a variety of tasks.  Our Managed SEO includes a full site structure utilizing SEO “Silos” which create a Google-friendly URL structure. 

We also leverage internal and external linking strategies, as well as monitoring keyword density.  Reports are run weekly, inspecting every page of the website for any errors or issues.

Back-Links are still the single most important ranking factor for the Google Algorithm.  Search Engines look to see if other websites are linking to yours – an important indicator of your trustworthiness and online popularity. 

Credible back-links from authoritative, niche specific websites show search engines that your site is trustworthy.  All back-links are not equal.  The goal is to obtain primarily high-authority, niche specific back-links, coupled with citation back-links, while ensuring that any spammy back-links are disavowed (rejected) in Google Search Console.

At One Click SEO, we take great pride in our ability to generate powerful back-links from some of the most authoritative websites on the internet. 

Brand Mentions are quickly becoming a major ranking factor in Search Engine Optimization

We work with you to define your brand and ensure that all citation sites, as well as your social media platforms, are all in very specific brand compliance.  We look for your brand mentions on a daily basis, which, in turn, lets us monitor your online reputation. 

This allows us to not only get in front of potentially negative experiences but also lets us reach out for back-links when your company is mentioned on the web.

Almost every one of our Managed SEO campaigns includes our Local SEO package.  This ensures that your business website is displayed when people search locally for your type of business. 

This is most commonly seen in the “Map Pack” of Google searches on mobile devices but is becoming more prevalent in desktop searches too.

Social Media Marketing plays a large role in your digital presence.  We have developed a proprietary Social Syndication System that includes breaking up your content into multiple pieces and sharing it on hundreds of active social media accounts over time. 

This ensures Google recognizes that your blogs and website content is popular on social media, resulting in more traffic being driven directly to your website.

Schema is a hidden language that Google and other search engines to obtain critical information about your business. 

This information, called schema markup, is used to inform Google of your business name, your business address, type of business, phone number, hours of operation, customer reviews, and other important information. 

Online reviews play a huge role in effecting which company customers choose to do business with, as well as what products or services they purchase.  In addition, the quantity and quality of those reviews are a ranking factor with search engines. 

One Click SEO has proven techniques for acquiring positive customer reviews, which creates trust and authority for your business.

At One Click SEO, we believe that everything existing online can be measured.  We utilize many of the top SEO platforms to monitor every aspect of your website. 

Since Google uses the GPS in mobile devices to provide users with unique location-based results, we measure your search rankings nationally as well as from within specific cities that are of specific importance to you. 

We monitor your back-links, on page SEO, web traffic, local and national rankings, PPC ads, schema, brand mentions, and social media shares… of not only your website — but of your top competitors too!

Accurately pricing a Managed SEO campaign requires research and due diligence on our part to ensure our SEO Agency will deliver what we promise.  To properly price out an SEO strategy, we first must understand your business model.  Our first step is to have a brief conversation to discuss your business goals, value proposition, and perfect client. The second step is more technical; we look at your domain metrics, usability, and on-page SEO of your existing site. 

Next, we perform preliminary “keyword research” to get an idea of what your customers are searching for.  Finally, we examine your main competitors to determine exactly what they are doing, which enables us to design a strategy to outperform them.

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Digital Marketing Budget

How much should you spend on Digital Marketing for your business?  What should your Digital Marketing Budget be?  How Much of your marketing spend should be allocated to Digital Marketing? Our Digital Marketing Budget Estimator can give you a good idea.

The answer to how much should you spend on Digital Marketing relies on your business model, your value proposition, your margin and a variety of other unique factors.  Although it is impossible to come up with your exact Digital Marketing Budget with a calculator, we have leveraged our almost two decades of experience to provide some idea of your Digital Marketing Spend. 

Just fill answer the questions in the form to get a good idea of what you should expect to spend every month on your Digital Marketing to be competitive on the web today. 

You can change your answers and see the results IN REAL TIME then click to get a quote

 Digital Marketing Budget Estimator

Digital Marketing Budget Estimator
Total Monthly Income
Web Business *
Expected percentage of your revenue from the Internet
Growth Expected *
How aggressive do you want to be?
Competition Level *
How competitive is your industry and market?
An educated guess, based off of best practices, on how much of your advertising spend should allocate monthly to Digital Marketing

Pricing for Our SEO Services and Packages

Our SEO Pricing Packages are only achievable because of our finely tuned processes which have been developed over years of serving our clients.  This revolutionary pricing model lets you start building your online presence immediately by implementing specific digital marketing strategies without an all-encompassing internet marketing campaign implemented by an SEO company

This style of pricing also is attractive to the DIY SEO business owner who wants to be in control.  We have worked hard to ensure that every modular service we provide includes REAL value and REAL results.  These are the same exact SEO services we provide to our full Managed SEO clients, but you choose what you want and the price you pay. 

Current Specials

$FREE September
  • FREE Google PPC Management
  • With Local SEO Package
  • $300/Month Value
  • .

Schema Package

$300Plus $100 Per Page
  • Research Business Tag Options
  • Implement Advanced On Page Schema
  • Testing of Every Page

On Page SEO Package

$300+ $100 per page
  • Full Site Audit
  • Rework URL Structure - Silo
  • Internal & External Linking
  • General Layout

Content Marketing SEO Package

  • Two 800+ Word, Blogs Professionally Written
  • Blogs Posted to Your Website
  • Licensed High Quality Photo
  • Photo Customized With Overlay
  • Blogs Social Shared to Your Accounts
  • Blogs Socially Syndicated via Out Networks
  • Money Page, Internal Linking
  • Authority, Outbound Links
  • On Page SEO

Map Pack - Local SEO Package

$900 - 300 $900 - 9 Months then $300/month
  • Creation and Optimization of GMB Account
  • Multiple Full Citation Audits
  • Creation of 40+ Primary Citations
  • Creation of 60+ Secondary Citations
  • Minimum 50 Google Map Embeds
  • 1 Press Release
  • 10-20 Google Posts
  • Local Authority Links
  • Claim Apple Maps
  • Optimize Google Maps
  • More Proprietary Tactics!

WordPress Maintance Package

  • Implementation of Daily/Weekly Backups
  • Ongoing Updates of the WordPress Infrastructure
  • Ongoing Updates of WordPress Plugins
  • Insuring the site is up and working properly at all times.
  • 1/2 hour of development time per month (not cumulative) which is enough time for small cosmetic updates without incurring any additional charges.

Digital Marketing Add-Ons

  • Google AdWords Management $350/month with SEO package
  • Facebook Ad Management $300/month with SEO package
  • Tier 1 Back Link $150-$450
  • Tier 2 Back Link $90
  • Social Syndication $99/month per website
  • Full Reporting $65/month
  • Google Business Profile Reviews $45
  • 3 Business Social Media Account Setup $350
  • *Each Digital Marketing Ad-on has specific requirements
  • Fully Managed SEO Option
  • Custom Packages Available

How Much Does SEO Cost?

That depends on what type of search engine optimization you are looking for coupled with the pricing strategy.

Types of SEO Pricing

There are many ways that SEO Agencies price their services.  The different ways in which SEO companies choose to price out their services can make it very challenging to compare apples to apples.

In addition to what we call Managed SEO (fully inclusive digital marketing), and our modular, or ala carte pricing for specific SEO services above, there are other ways search engine optimization can be budgeted.

We will cover some of the most basic pricing models for SEO as well as provide some of the more common amounts you can expect to pay for each respective SEO service.

One Time Payments for an SEO Audit - FREE to $1,000

The very first step in any search engine optimization campaign is completing a full SEO audit.  SEO audits can vary dramatically depending on exactly what the examination will define. Most of the FREE SEO website audits do provide some valuable information but don't really stand up to a full audit provided by a human being.  Depending on which free SEO audit you use, some will provide insight on the web page and some will provide domain level information.

Page Level SEO Audit -- FREE

One of the most common FREE SEO audits will look at the On-Page SEO of the URL you submit.  The best Free SEO audits will provide some additional information such as:

  • Do you have social media accounts
  • How does the page render on mobile
  • Is the site using a security certificate
  • Test the sites speed
  • and of course, the standard on-page SEO results

Domain Level SEO Audit -- FREE

Many of the domain level SEO audits are also free.  They generally do not dig as deep but provide a different subset of data.  The data that you would receive for a free domain-based SEO audit would be:

  • Overview of domain metrics
  • Number of back-links
  • Number of social shares
  • Current rankings for the domain
  • Any PPC ads that are running

Full SEO Audit - $200 - $5,000

A full blown paid SEO audit, completed by a human will cost a pretty penny.  Costs range between a low end around $250, and up to or more than $5,000 for a professional to review all of the pertinent aspects of your search engine optimization. the huge difference depends on the size and complexity of your website.  These types of audits will generally contain not only the automated domain level and page level information, but a deeper look into how everything fits together.

SEO is about synergy - having all aspects of your digital presence working toward a consistent goal.  These types of audits generally included recommendations and are created with a proposal aspect detailing what additional it would cost to implement the respective digital marketing strategy.

SEO Consulting - $500 - $5,000 per month

SEO consulting is generally a pricing model for a large, enterprise website.  The term "consulting" generally indicates that the SEO agency is doing weekly and monthly deep audits and strategy sessions and turning their findings over to the web developer and the business owner to implement.  The massive price range is directly correlated to the size and complexity of the website.

One Time SEO $750 - $50,000

One time SEO generally has some limitations in scope.  Meaning, there is a contract in place that defines the work to be completed (scope of work) and a deadline for completion.  This type of SEO pricing is conducive to websites that need specific aspects of SEO completed such as:

  • On-Page SEO for a large site
  • High-level schema
  • SEO for the e-commerce section of a site
  • SEO for IDX on a real estate website
  • Set up Google Business Profile and a set of local business citations for local SEO
  • Other specific tasks

Hourly Rate SEO - $80 to $300 per hour

Many SEO companies break down their pricing by the hour.  They attempt to give an estimate of how many hours they will spend on your digital marketing project and count them as they go.  Most of the pricing contracts for digital marketing that are structured this way,  and will have a cap and additional billing if the project exceeds the allotted time.

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Is SEO Included in a Website?

NO.  Although some aspects of search engine optimization can be done at the time of the website development, such as a strategic URL structure and basic on-page SEO.  That level of optimization will generally not outrank your competition.  The vast majority of SEO requires a fully developed strategy and ongoing implantation.

Is SEO Worth It?

Although SEO takes time to see the results, most businesses will see a positive Return on Investment (ROI) over time.  Be prepared to pay for SEO services while not seeing immediate results. The length of time to start seeing an ROI from search engine optimization is dependent  on how competitive your business niche is.  As a general rule, the more competitive, the longer it takes but the dividends are generally higher.

How Much Does SEO Cost?

The cost of search engine optimization varies based off of a variety of factors.  Managed SEO, where an SEO agency handles all aspects of your online marketing, starts around $1,500 per month and can get substantially more expensive depending on your businesses needs.  Ala Carte services such as a website SEO audit can range from $250 and up, depending on the size of the website.

Is SEO a One Time Thing?

NO.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an ongoing series of tasks including on-page SEO, content creation, usability, keyword research, backlink creation and more.  There are some aspects of SEO that gets “completed” such as the on-page SEO for an existing page or blog or adding schema, but the vast majority of search engine optimization is ongoing.

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