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One Click SEO is an SEO agency located in New Orleans LA who provides affordable Digital Marketing Services for ranking your website for the keywords that matter for your business. Our goal is not just getting you on page 1 of Google, but providing a measurable return on investment (ROI) for your marketing dollars.  Let’s discuss the options for marketing your brand online and institute a holistic Digital Marketing plan for success.

Having a great website is of little good if no one ever visits it.  That is why One Click SEO has been focusing on Internet Marketing to grow online traffic for over 21 years. Many people are under the impression that when they have a website built, that SEO is included.  Although many web designers claim that, they put little effort into a long term Search Engine Optimization structure.

We focus on on-site SEO utilizing Google’s best practices.  We also run link building campaigns to get high quality back-links to your site.  Our SEO Services also include strategic social media campaigns, back-link sculpting, high-level schema, and location-based SEO.  We even run Social Citation campaigns for certain businesses (such as restaurant SEO or healthcare digital marketing) that need reviews to rank well. We have many levels of SEO Services that we offer from small SEO packages for very specific needs to content marketing to fully Managed SEO.

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Ready To Dominate Google?


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been the driving factor behind every major website for the last ten years. Zillow would be just a funny name if they were not successful at outranking other real-estate websites in search engine rankings.

There is an old riddle: Where do you hide a dead body? On Page 2 of Google! Everyone has gotten that call . . . I’m from the so-called SEO Consultant who says they can get your website on the front page of Google. . . blah blah blah.” That doesn’t work by the way—and that’s NOT what we do at One Click SEO.


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Local SEO 

Local SEO is extremely critical for bricks and mortar style business in the New Orleans area.  More and more people are using their cell phones or desktop computer to search Google to find local, New Orleans based businesses around them.  Voice search on mobile devices has made having your New Orleans business show up in the “Map Pack” even more critical for walk-in traffic. Local SEO is quite different than traditional SEO Services in that Local SEO results show in a “special place” on a Google search.   Although not recommended, technically you do not even need a website to show up for local searches, where the user is searching for a local New Orleans based business – whether they are searching for a product or service.

Local SEO for bricks and mortar businesses is derived from Citations on sites that rank and display local businesses as well as the quantity and quality of online reviews.  In addition, for the most competitive Local SEO industries, such as restaurants, you need to have Google map citations created as well as high-level schema implemented on your website.  For best results, we recommend combining Local SEO with locally targeted Facebook Advertising to promote your New Orleans based business to drive walk-in traffic, phone calls and leads.

New Orleans SEO Services

One Click SEO provides search engine optimization services to companies of all sizes and business types. Although located in New Orleans LA, we provide SEO Services all over the country with offices in Kennewick WA Little Rock AR as well as the heart of our SEO company in New Orleans. With over a decade of experience working with Digital Marketing Strategies, we have a proven track record of success and we rate success on return on investment. 

All Search Engine Marketing strategies are not the same.  A good SEO company will work with you to find out your true goals and after proper SEO Analysis and extensive keyword research, come up with a custom plan that meets your needs and budget.

That is what we call Managed SEO Services

We provide the correct tool (or SEO Service) for the job.  For instance, if you only get clients that come into your storefront, we focus your internet marketing dollar on local SEO so you get the best return on investment.

We offer a FREE, no obligation SEO Website Audit to assess the strength of your current SEO. Feel free to give it a try.  We feel confident that you will find it to be the most comprehensive, free SEO audit out there.  And because we are from New Orleans, we don’t harass you with email marketing either. 

One Click SEO has extensive experience building high-performing websites for New Orleans businesses that rank very well. We will be happy to build a site from scratch using best practices for Search Engine Optimization every step of the way.  Although SEO is not something that is “built in” a website or a button that can be pressed, building your website using SEO best practices makes ranking your website substantially easier.  If you are interested in checking the quality of your existing website’s SEO, you can use our FREE SEO Audit.

Dominate New Orleans Search Results

Having a great website is of little benefit if no one ever visits it. That is why One Click SEO has been focusing on search engine optimization at the center of our digital marketing strategies for almost two decades.

Many people are under the impression that when they have a website built, that search engine optimization is included. Although many web designers and website companies claim that be the case, they put little effort into any Search Engine Optimization strategy.  Most web developers build sites that look “pretty” with the mindset that 

We focus on on-page SEO utilizing Google’s best practices. We also run link building campaigns to get high-quality back-links to your site. Our internet marketing services also include strategic social media campaigns, including Google+ and Google Places for location-based marketing.

We even run Social Citation campaigns for certain businesses (such as restaurants) that need reviews to rank well. We have many levels of SEO Services that we offer from incremental, A la carte services to full Managed SEO campaigns. 

New Orleans Local SEO

Although we work in all business verticals, we have extensive experience in a few, very challenging SEO niches.  We have deep roots in the ultra-competitive industries such as  Real Estate Search Engine Optimization and Healthcare Digital Marketing. With many large companies that dominate the industry and many large brokers with powerful websites, we are one of the few companies that can get you ranked.

We pride ourselves on providing a true return on investment for all of our long term customers and look forward to being your New Orleans SEO Company.

Return on Investment in online marketing

Search Engine Optimization is a very cost effective marketing strategy for New Orleans businesses. Whether you cherry picking from our SEO packages or would rather our fully Managed SEO, our goal is always to provide a return on investment.

True Business Partner in SEO

As your New Orleans SEO Consultant, we learn your business so we can create the best SEO Services to generate the RIGHT traffic to your website. We strive for long term relationships with all our business partners.

SEO has Lasting Results

With One Click SEO, your spend decreases as your web traffic increases to your New Orleans business. We do not try to “game” the system by exploiting a weakness in Google’s algorithm. 

Internet Marketing

Because we are not only a local New Orleans SEO Agency but a full Digital Marketing firm out of the Greater New Orleans area, we understand how all of the pieces of an Internet Marketing Campaign fit together to create synergy. 

SEO Pricing

Although our SEO pricing is extremely aggressive, to properly price the entire package it is best for us to understand your business model and your perfect customer.  To get started, feel free to review our A la Carte Digital Marketing pricing or request a custom quote below.  Another option is to simply give us a call or reach out using the below contact form.

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SEO in New Orleans

One Click SEO is an SEO – Search Engine Optimization Company based out of Greater New Orleans.  We focus on making your business website productive and successful.  Our goal is not only to get you to place well in Google searches but to Dominate Google searches.  We have the ability to have your website show up for specific keywords, not just on page one, but in multiple places on page one!

Today, it’s almost impossible to have a local business and not have some form of web presence. If you are like most New Orleans business owners, you don’t receive much of a return on your investment from your website.  That is not because digital marketing doesn’t work, it’s simply because your potential customers can’t find you.  Sure…if they type in your website address, they will pull up your website, but that doesn’t generate any new business.  The key to successful Digital Marketing is having your website be on page one of Google when your potential client puts certain keywords in their search on the internet.

One Click SEO takes a holistic approach to Digital Marketing utilizing a variety of tools to insure that your website shows up whether someone is searching in Mid-City, Metairie, Uptown or the Northshore.  We combine SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for organic ranking on Google. We also utilize SEM or Search Engine Marketing, which uses Google AdWords for paid advertisement when it makes sense. Last, we combine the power of Social Media to drive traffic to your website. Depending on what makes sense for your company, we can run customized Social Media Marketing Campaigns targeting your customers. We utilize re-marketing, which shows advertisements on Google Ad Partners and on Social Media after someone has visited your website.

A la carte SEO

Our Incremental SEO pricing is only achievable because of our fine-tuned processes, which have been developed over years of serving our clients.  This revolutionary pricing model lets you start building your online presence by implementing specific strategies without an all-encompassing internet marketing campaign.  This style of pricing also is enticing to the DIY SEO business owner who wants to be in control.  We have worked hard to ensure that every SEO service we provide includes REAL value and REAL results.  These are the same exact services that we provide to our full Managed SEO clients, but you choose what you want and the price you pay. 

List of SEO services


New Orleans SEO Services

Local SEO

Local SEO is best used for a brick and mortar type of New Orleans business. Local SEO consists of social signals, social citations, and online reviews. Local SEO may also make better use of your city or location for the search terms focused on your business.

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO consists of utilizing Google’s best practices in the formatting of the website. It is correctly using all HTML Headers, Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions, URL structure and internal links.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) consists of combining the best of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and coupling it with paid Search Engine Placements such as Google AdWords, Google Re-marketing or Facebook Re-marketing.

Link Building

One of the single most important aspects of SEO Optimization is having quality websites that link to your website.  Simply having a lot of links to your website from low-quality locations on the web can actually be detrimental to your Search Engine Optimization.  We focus on quality, local New Orleans backlinks to ensure that your site ranks for YOUR clients. 

Advanced Schema 

Schema is additional code that is placed on your site that provides critical business information about your business.  Although not seen by the human eye, utilizing advanced schema gives you an edge over the competition. Advanced schema can assist in getting a rich snippet placement in Google search results.

Content Marketing

It is true that Google loves content, but not just any content.  You need all original, captivating content to separate your brand from the pack.  Content alone is also not enough.  You need a social media syndication process to get your content in front of the right people.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the starting point of any successful Digital Marketing campaign.  We have an exhaustive process for deducing what phrases and terms your potential clients are searching for.  Just because a certain keyword gets many searches does not mean that you should spend your resources attempting to rank for it. It’s crucial that you choose phrases that don’t just get searches, but search terms that convert into sales. 

Citation Building

a Citation is a mention of your business name with another piece of business information, such as your phone number, address, website, or a combination of the three. Citations are important for ranking in Google’s local search results, so the more of them you have from quality sources, the better your business is likely to rank. We create accounts with back-links on hundreds of Citation Websites such as Yelp with your consistent Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP)

Social Syndication

Social Signals are becoming increasingly important for Search Engine Rankings. Google looks very closely to what content is being shared on Social Media to determine a brand’s authority. Our proprietary social syndication system utilizes hundreds of real social media accounts on multiple platforms to get your original content viewed by your client base.  With the on-page SEO on each blog post leveraging your silo’d website and internal link structure, drives authority to your “money pages”.

New Orleans Sexiest SEO Company? 

It has been said, One Click SEO is New Orleans Sexiest SEO Company.  Being that our agency focuses full transparency, accurate reporting and ultimately a return on investment, it is hard to quantify if One Click SEO is truly New Orleans Sexiest SEO Company.  

Although not definitive or quantifiable, there are many data points that point to us being the sexiest SEO agency in New Orleans.  Once you experience our awesome About page , then look at the competitors in the New Orleans LA area; the other SEO companies, it becomes pretty clear who the sexiest really is.  

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