The Best WordPress Hosting for SEO

Best Hosting for SEO

Choosing the best WordPress hosting for SEO

Your  WordPress Hosting

There is little that is more frustrating than a slow website.  All of our web development for SEO leverages the ultimate WordPress hosting, WP Engine.  Especially with the majority of people experiencing brands online on their mobile devices, your brand is represented by the speed of your website.  In addition, search engines are now looking at website speed as a ranking factor, so having a blazing fast website host is critical.

WP Engine

Our number one recommendation for super fast and full featured hosting is WP Engine.

The do periodically run specials – mostly if you pay for the full year up-front you can get at least one month free.  Usually more.  Here is the current annual promotion:

Click HERE to See the Current Promotion

What is Included with WP Engine

To have your website served from the fastest possible hosting, which includes a security certificate (to make your site HTTPS as opposed to HTTP), coupled with daily backups, staging and production environments and even includes a CDN, we now exclusively use WP Engine for our hosting.  All WP Engine accounts INCLUDE a security certificate so your website displays on HTTPS.   Google is making it well known that having a “secure” website is a certain ranking factor; in 2018 Google Chrome started warning users when they surf to a website that is “not secure”.

Signing Up for WPEngine Hosting

Upon signing up, if One Click SEO is powering your website, please forward us the login credentials as they are emailed to you.  We will then add ourselves as a Technical User on the account and add your username and password to your Credentials File.

Unlike many other SEO agencies, that have you pay THEM for your hosting, One Click SEO wants YOU to own your hosting account.  Although profitable for the web development company, you should own your hosting account as well as your domains and website.  For us to roll out consistently high performing websites with a guaranteed set of services, we simply provide you with the direct link to sign up for WP Engine yourself.




Your Hosting Pricing

Options for your WP Engine hosting account

Recommended Options for your WP Engine hosting account


Most of our clients take advantage of getting two months free of WP Engine and sign up for the annual plan.  There is no need to pay for any of the additional options when creating your WP Engine Account.  Upon getting your login credentials from WP Engine, you can simply save your username and password and pass that on to us to start building your website out.


What Do You Get?

The standard WP Engine will give you the following features:

  • Super fast hosting built for WordPress
  • Includes a security certificate for a secure website (HTTPS)
  • Includes a CDN for increased speed
  • Includes daily backups
  • Includes options for automatic updates (if you are not using our Website Maintenance)


Get Signed Up

WP Engine will run promotions from time to time.  We try to stay on top of their most current offerings and post them below.

WP Engine Hosting




Kinsta is an Alternative

We have also had great experiences with Kinsta  for hosting.  They are a tiny bit faster than WPEngine and provide a more detailed interaction with the details of your hosting.  If you have a more complex WordPress install, Kinsta may be a better option than WP Engine.  Although blazing fast and from the web developers perspective, provides more details into your hosting environment, it is not as user friendly (for the average business owner) as WPEngine.

Kinsta Hosting

Kinsta is another WordPress Hosting that is outstanding for SEO.

Signing Up for Kinsta Hosting

Kinsta and WPEngine ultimately offer the same services:  SSL, CDN, Backups.  Kinsta provides a deeper dive into your hosting account and would be welcomed by developers while WPEngine is super easy, from importing a site to backing up and restoring a site.

To signup for Kinsta – click the below link and choose the Starter Package.  You can get a discount by paying annually.


Click HERE to Sign Up for Kinsta Hosting

Kinsta Sign Up Options – Choose the $30/Month Option