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Digital Marketing Services Needed for the Medical Industry

Showing up in local searches, at the top of the Map Pack is critical for many businesses within the healthcare industry.  Local SEO is focused on optimizing your Google Business Profile listing, helping to generate quality reviews, citation creation, Google map embeds, press releases and more.

Understanding the key phrases that are being searched for is fundamental in any digital marketing campaign focusing on the medical industry.  We look at the top ranking medical competitors and find common keywords they all rank for.  We use multiple SEO programs, pulling from different databases to derive the most all-encompassing master keyword list available.  Next, we look for “diamonds” which are search phrases that are un the uptick in search volume that the level of competition is still low.

Understanding that having a medical internet presence requires a huge amount of trust (from both patients and Google) we start with ensuring that every page on your custom website is fully secure.  We look for any “mixed content errors” where you may be pulling a piece of code, font or photo from an unsecured website as well as ensuring that all of your outbound links point to secure websites with HTTPS.

If you want to move the needle in medical marketing online, high-quality backlinks from other authoritative healthcare websites are crucial.  Acquiring high-quality backlinks from medical based websites are not easy and take time.  We structure a variety of backlinks including:

  • Backlinks from authoritative healthcare blogs
  • Web 2.0 backlinks about the medical industry
  • Tier 2 and Tier 3 backlinks from healthcare websites
  • Google stack backlinks
  • Medical Citation backlinks
  • and more!

All of the backlinks are monitored for domain and page metrics as well as state of indexing, # of outbound links, follow vs nofollow, trust, and authority of both the page and domain.

Your social media accounts should post quality, informative content to Facebook Groups in your respective medical field as well as local community pages and groups.  You should have original copy about your medical field posted periodically to your website and shared among your social media accounts.  The fresh, healthcare blog posts should be syndicated to drive as much traffic as possible.

All medical facilities should have the following social media accounts:

  • Facebook Business Page
  • Twitter Page
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • YouTube Account

There are many products that will assist you in socially syndicating your original content from your website.  Hootsuite is a very popular content sharing application as is Buffer.  One Click SEO has a proprietary social syndication process that pushes your content to hundreds of social media account over time.

Schema structured data is what tells Google and other web giants what part of the healthcare industry your website is about.  The schema on your medical website should reflect the details of your Doctors office, Urgent Care Facility, Dentist or Drug Rehab.  The clinic hours should be posted as well as the aggregation of reviews from past patients.  Your schema will also show the relationship between your website and your social media accounts as well as your location, official name and phone number to set an appointment for treatment.

Implementing schema can be a little overwhelming for the novice webmaster.  Most of the basic schema apps or plugins only implement the bare minimum (which of course is better than nothing). To get all of the appropriate tags set on your healthcare website requires some programming knowledge.

Most people working within the healthcare industry, are well aware of the power of the online review.  Regardless of where you acquire your reviews (Yelp, Google, Facebook or your own healthcare website), you should maximize every testimonial.  For Google to recognize the copy as a review, all of your reviews should have the proper schema and an aggregate rating.  Be careful, if you tag the reviews on your site incorrectly, it may look to Google as if you are copying an existing review to your office or clinic and trying to get credit for two.

Digital Marketing for the Healthcare Industry

One Click SEO focuses on the most competitive industries including digital marketing for healthcare.  With experience ranging from Dentist to a Drug Rehab to Urgent Care Facilities, we understand the combination of aggressiveness and professionalism is crucial for any digital marketing plan for the healthcare industry.

Internet Marketing for the healthcare industry is unique in that Google’s EAT algorithm update (recently referred to as the medic update) dramatically changed the way websites in the medical industry were ranked.  Starting in August of 2018, the EAT Google Algorithm update was a core update that “shuffled the deck” for websites in many “critical for life” industries such as Healthcare.

To aquire the web visibility needed to obtain an ROI within the healthcare vertical requires the following digital marketing services:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Reviews (Google and 3rd Pary Websites)
  • A Website that is Secure and Fast
  • A Carefully Planned Content Marketing Strategy
  • Robust Content Syndication
  • Authority and Relative Medical Backlinks
  • High-Level Schema Implementation
  • Strategic Google Business Profile Development
  • Unique Citation Creation

After reviewing your unique value proposition, business goals and level competition we can create a custom digital marketing plan for you. 

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Urgent Care Marketing

Urgent Care facilities rely on walk-in traffic.  With localized domination for the Map Pack on mobile devices is what is needed when a potential client searches “urgent care around me”.   Experience has shown us that the vast majority of people in need for fast, local medical care use their mobile device to find where they are going to go.  

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Dental Marketing

Marketing for the Dental industry is ultra competitive.  With the vast majority of new dentist leads being created online from basic searches, showing up for those critical searces makes all the difference for the successful dentist office.  A new dental client, when provided with great service, has shown to have years of annual revenue for local dentists offices. 

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Marketing for Doctors Offices 

Digital Marketing for a Doctors office requires a holistic approach. Once you figure out the best conversion vertical for your slice of the medical industry, you can double down on that funnel to maximize ROI.    For instance, if you are a pediatrician, you may find that a particular channel finds those customers better than otherwise quality digital marketing for a psychologist. 

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Assisted Living Marketing

Marketing for the Assisted Living market is extremely competitive.  We look at assisted living as not only “convalescent homes” but home health nurses, nursing sitters and all aspects of the medical industry that help with the elderly and homebound.  

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seo provides a roi

The goal for any medical online marketing strategy is a Return on Investment.  We review your business and develop a strategic customized digital marketing campaign that focuses on your healthcare business.   

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Most digital marketing agencies that focus on the medical industry think their business day is over when 5:00 comes around.  Just like the medical industry, we are available when we are needed.  That may include nights and weekends.  

SEO has lasting results

A relationship that is built in the medical industry has lasting results.  Similarly, all of the strategies that One Click SEO uses to drive new traffic and create new clients only grow stronger over time.


We understand that there is no silver bullet when marketing for the medical industry.  A successful campaign includes building a holistic digital marketing strategy that includes a great website, SEO, PPC, Content Marketing and more.

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