A Digital Marketing Agency That Gets Results

A Digital Marketing Agency That Gets Results

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Get Results NOW!

Strategic Digital Marketing

Full Service SEO Agency Focusing On the Most Challenging Business Niches On The Internet

Search Engine Optimization

Having your business show up on relevant Google searches drives real traffic from targeted clients straight to your website.


Google Advertising

Google Advertising is more than just pay per click. We make you more visible to potential clients when they’re searching online for companies like yours.


Web Design

The best website in the world is worthless without traffic. All of our websites are built for SEO, usability and converting website traffic to new business.


Social Media Marketing

With Social playing such a large part in so many people’s lives, its hard to imagine a Digital Marketing campaign without having it.


SEO Agency

Why Do I Need One?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO describes the work involved in organic (non-paid) ranking of a website in search engines, like Google. SEO strategy has been the driving factor behind every major company on the web for the last ten years. Zillow would just be a funny name if they were not successful at outranking other real estate websites in the search engines.

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At One Click SEO agency, our team looks at SEO as much more than keyword rankings or the conversion rate. We consider SEO to be the full gambit of Digital Marketing and online lead generation. Our team defines success NOT by page one rankings, but by ROI – return on investment.

Using an SEO agency to rank in organic search, is not a commodity type of digital marketing service such as Google Ads or Facebook Marketing. To dominate search engine results requires experience, SEO agencies must have the knowledge and time dedicated to constantly staying on top of the over 200 Google algorithm updates per year.

Our SEO agency has over 17 years of enterprise level digital marketing strategy with SEO at the center. Previously branded as DEAN Knows, we have made a national name for ourselves as a top SEO marketing agency by successfully ranking our clients company websites for organic search in the most competitive industries such as Real Estate SEO, Medical, and others. Get more information about our SEO process.

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Ready to Dominate Google?

One Click SEO provides affordable SEO Services for ranking your website for the key search terms that matter for your business. Our goal is not just getting you on page 1 of Google, but providing a measurable return on investment (ROI) for your marketing dollars.

Let’s discuss the options for marketing your brand online and institute a holistic Digital Marketing plan for success.


Google Advertising

Our team at One Click SEO agency provides affordable Google Pay Per Click setup and ongoing monitoring and tweaking of your digital marketing strategies. Because One Click SEO is an experienced SEO Agency, we generally use the targeting aspects of PPC, along with Google Analytics. This will help drive traffic and jump-start rankings as well as instantly provide quality traffic and leads to aid in your business goals.

Our SEO company has extensive experience in using PPC as an SEO strategy including the most complex of online marketing strategies including:


  • Google PPC Campaigns
  • Hyper-Targeted Display Advertising
  • Mobile Based “Call Now” Google Ads
  • Google Shopping Ads
  • Google Remarking Ads

Regardless of whether our SEO team setting your Google Ads (formally Google Adwords) account, or if we are taking over work from another digital marketing agency, you always have 100% access.  Unlike some SEO companies, we will never run your online advertising through OUR account. You pay all Google advertising fees directly to Google – with no markup from us.

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website design


adaptive web design


Not only is your Business Website your online persona, but it should act as the hub of all of your branding and online marketing. A top SEO company knows that your website needs not only to look great but be super fast, user-friendly and intuitive. A good marketing agency knows that the majority of your customers will be using mobile devices. That means your website needs to display beautifully on mobile phones and well as tablets in order to grow your business.

It is also important to remember, a website without organic traffic is useless.  Simply to acquire web traffic doesn’t put money in the bank. SEO companies should be able to design a website that lends itself to customer conversion and maximize your organic traffic. That is why we don’t sell ourselves as a website development company.  As a matter of fact, we consider ourselves one of the best SEO agencies that builds websites with the current best SEO practices for our Digital Marketing clients.

Unlike some SEO agencies, all of the web design built by One Click SEO agency is totally owned by our customers (no monthly fees) and built on the most popular and progressive website CMS – WordPress.  This ensures that another SEO company could come behind our work and continue service.  We do not tether your website to us and neither should any agency that claims to be a top SEO company.

Most importantly, as an SEO agency, we build your website, from the ground up, with SEO strategies in mind. Most web designers focus on building custom websites for cosmetics and usability, which has a place for sure.  As SEO experts, however, our team builds websites for ROI.

Our website pricing is extremely aggressive compared to many other SEO agencies around the world. That’s because many of our website customers become long terms digital marketing clients, so our team builds custom websites barely above our cost (not common in this industry).

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Social Media Marketing

With the explosion of social in the last ten years, it would be silly for SEO agencies not to leverage it for driving traffic to your website. Although, as an experienced SEO agency, we realize that social shares are not a direct factor that Google uses to rank a website on search engines. The promotion of your content on the proper platforms, however, can be used to increase your site’s traffic, which still benefits you from a technical SEO perspective.
Social Media Advertising Campaigns have changed digital marketing forever, very similar to what Google did for search engines in the mid 2000’s. Our SEO agency uses this form of Advertising to let you create an ideal custom client through research, who will see your ad using all of the information that is provided to the platform. SEO companies know how you can micro-target your ad very specifically to be delivered only to your custom clients. This reduces your overall digital marketing spend because you are only paying for your ad to be seen by YOUR customers. Demographic options include, location, net worth, likes, marital status, education, income, needs, wants, purchasing habits and much more.
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Our Approach to

Search Engine Optimization

Having a great custom website is of little benefit if no one ever visits it. That is why One Click SEO has been focusing on search engine optimization at the center of our digital marketing strategies for almost two decades.
SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Many people are under the impression that when they have a custom website built, that search engine optimization is included and website traffic will just flow their way. Although many web designers claim that be the case, they put little effort into any Search Engine Optimization strategy. Most web developers that don’t work for an SEO agency build sites that look “pretty” with the mindset that if the website is custom and looks good, everything else will fall into place.

We focus on on-page SEO strategies utilizing Google’s best SEO practices. Our team also runs link building campaigns to get high-quality back-links to your site. Our internet marketing services also include strategic social media campaigns, including Google+ and Google Places for location-based marketing.

Our SEO agency will even run Social Citation campaigns for certain businesses (such as restaurants) that need reviews to rank well in search engine results. As SEO experts, we have many levels of SEO Services that we offer from incremental, A la carte services to full Managed SEO strategies.

Internet Marketing

Because we are not only an SEO Agency but a full Internet Marketing firm, we understand how all of the Digital Marketing Services fit together to create a synergy to elevate your business.

Return on Investment in online marketing

Search Engine Optimization is a very cost effective marketing strategy. Whether you cherry pick from our A La Carte services or choose fully Managed SEO, our goal is always to provide a return on investment.

True Business Partner in SEO

As your SEO Consultant, we learn your business so we can create the best SEO Services to generate the RIGHT traffic to your website. We strive for long term relationships with all our business partners.

SEO has Lasting Results

With One Click SEO, your spend decreases as your web traffic continues to increase. We do not try to “game” the system by exploiting a weakness in Google’s algorithm. We produce results that last.

Real Estate SEO

Seo for real estate is substantially more challenging than in most online vertices. The challenge in ranking real estate websites is that page one of Google is dominated by the big, nation-wide companies in the industry such as Zillow, REALTOR.com, Trulia and Homes.com. After those authoritative websites, you are fighting the large brokers.  You even have to fight with the Real Estate Franchises such as Keller Williams, Remax and Coldwell Banker. The best SEO agency in the world would still have an uphill battle to rank on the first page of search engines.

One Click SEO agency doesn’t just pretend to understand real estate SEO, we have been implementing enterprise level real estate SEO for well over a decade.  We have a deep history in the real estate industry including: sales, brokerage ownership, training as a licensed real estate instructor, property management ownership, board of directors for multiple MLS’s including past president of one of the nations largest MLS’s and heading technology, strategy and internet services for some of the nations largest real estate brands.   We are the best SEO agency for real estate because we understand real estate marketing from the inside out in ways that other SEO agencies simply can’t.

Medical SEO

Whether you are trying to rank a dentists office, doctors clinic, rehabilitation center or a series of urgent care facilities, One Click SEO, a top SEO agency has the experience to get you in-front of patients looking for your specific treatment options. We have in depth experience in healthcare digital marketing with outstanding results.

Any SEO agency can tell you digital marketing for the medical industry is especially tricky because when you are dealing with people’s health, just being on the list is not good enough.  Your brand must show empathy, compassion and competency all the while being structured to get the appointment set or the initial phone call with your office.

Our SEO agency has developed systems for companies in the medical industry to get appointments set online as well as follow-up processes to acquire new, positive reviews of recent patients.  To be clear, we only work with bricks and mortar medical facilities.  Our SEO company does not provide SEO services for online pharmacies or similar internet based companies.

Local SEO

Local SEO is extremely critical for bricks and mortar style business.  More and more people are using their cell phones or desktop computer to search Google to find local businesses around them.  Voice search on mobile devices have made having your local business show up in the “Map Pack” even more critical for walk in traffic. Local SEO is quite different than traditional SEO Services in that Local SEO results show in a “special place” on a Google search.   Although no legitimate SEO agency would recommended it, technically you do not even need a website to show up for local searches.

Local SEO for bricks and mortar businesses is derived from Citations on sites that rank and display local businesses as well as the quantity and quality of online reviews.  In addition, for the most competitive Local SEO industries, such as restaurants, you need to have Google map citations created as well as high level schema implemented on your website.  For best results, our SEO agency will combine Local SEO with locally targeted Facebook Advertising to promote your business directly to people in you immediate vicinity to drive walk in traffic. This SEO campaign, along with some content marketing, will get qualified leads and ultimately increase revenue.

One Click SEO agency has multiple pricing options to fit the needs and budget of your business.  Over the years, in our efforts to scale our SEO company, we have refined our methods and created systematic processes to implement our services.  This has provided us the ability to break pricing down by the specific service you need while providing value in each component offered. We have very defined SEO pricing based on the services that bring the best ROI for your business. We have combined these into our SEO Packages.

If you have a basic understanding of the components involved in technical SEO and are piecing those together on your own, you may be interested in our individual SEO service options. Our incremental SEO services also are great for the business owner who has a smaller budget.  Our ala carte SEO services let you get started, with the biggest bang for your buck options and increase as the revenue starts flowing.

If you want to leverage our almost two decades of industry experience our SEO agency has to strategically create a custom SEO campaign, you want to look at our Fully Managed SEO pricing.  For our fully managed clients, the SEO professionals on our team will take full responsibility for your Digital Marketing from strategy to implementation.  To get started with our SEO agency, we first examine your business model and your existing elements and design a custom fool proof plan for ROI. Most SEO agencies will not do this for your company.

Local SEO

Local SEO is best used for a bricks and mortar type of business. Local SEO consists of social signals, social citations and online reviews for your company. Local SEO may also make better use of your city or location for the search terms focused on your business.

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO consists of utilizing Google analytics as well as best practices in the formatting of the website. The right SEO agency correctly using all HTML Headers, Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, URL structure and internal links on your site to generate leads. This is SEO 101 for any search engine optimization company.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) consists of combining research as well as the best of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and coupling it with paid Search Engine Placements (Google PPC)  such as Google AdWords, Google Re-marketing or Facebook Re-marketing.

Link Building

Our team know that one of the single most important aspects of SEO Optimization is having quality websites that link to your website.  Simply having an SEO agency send tons of links to your website from low-quality websites can actually be detrimental to your Search Engine Optimization.  We focus on quality link building so your site ranks where it should.

Advanced Schema

Schema is additional code that is placed on your site that provides critical business information about your business. Although, like title tags, not seen by the human eye, the right SEO agency will utilize advanced schema to give you an edge over the competition. Advanced schema can assist in getting a rich snippet placement in Google search results.

Content Marketing

An experienced SEO agency knows that Google loves content, but not just any content.  You need all original, captivating content, such as great blog posts, to separate your brand from the pack.  Although, blog posts alone is also not enough.  You need your experienced SEO agency to have a social syndication process to get your content in front of the right customers.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the starting point of any successful Digital Marketing campaign.  Our SEO company has an exhaustive research process for deducing what phrases and terms your potential clients are searching for.  True SEO experts know that just because a certain keyword gets many searches does not mean that you should spend your resources attempting to rank for it on search engines like Google. It’s crucial that your SEO agency focus on phrases that don’t just get searches, but search terms that convert into sales to increase revenue for your company.

Citation Building

A Citation is a mention of your business name with another piece of business information, such as your company phone number, address, website, or a combination of the three. SEO Agencies know that citations are important for ranking in Google’s local search results, so the more of them you have from quality sources, the better your company is likely to rank. Our SEO agency creates accounts with back-links on hundreds of Citation Websites such as Yelp with your consistent Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP).

Social Syndication

Social Signals are becoming increasingly important for Search Engine Rankings. As an optimization company, our team knows Google looks very close at what content is being shared to determine a brand’s authority. Our proprietary social syndication system utilizes hundreds of real social accounts on multiple platforms to get your original content viewed by your customers.  With the On-Page SEO for all blog posts leveraging your silo’d website and internal link structure, our SEO company drives domain authority to your “money pages” to get leads and increase revenue.

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